Analog Weighing Scale
Analog Weighing Scale

Before we define  what does calibration mean is, I want you to understand below  scenario:

When you go to the market and buy some meat, you bought 1 kilo and paid it with your hard-earned money but when you checked it at home, it is only ¾ of a kilo, what would you feel?

You just gassed-up good for 2 days as your regular routine but only a day had passed and your meter indicates near empty – would this not make you mad?



You are baking a  cake and the instruction tells you to set the temperature to 50 deg Celsius for 20 minutes, you followed the steps and specification but your cake turned into charcoal – will you not be upset?

Now, what do you feel if the above scenario happens to you? Of course, you may get angry, dismayed or worse complain to the services or product that you received and paid for, all because of the effect of the un-calibrated Instruments.

This is why calibration is important in our daily life not just inside a laboratory or within the manufacturing aspect. There is the involvement of quality, safety, and reliability.