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Thermal Calibration Lab And Temperature Mapping Service Of Cold Storage Areas in Delhi

Calibration Laboratory and Temperature Mapping Of Cold Storage Areas Service Provider in Delhi
Calibration Laboratory in Delhi

Vega Calibrations LLP. a Thermal Calibration Laboratory based in Okhla, Delhi have been carrying out temperature mapping study of cold storage areas and thermal calibration services (NABL Accreditated Calibration Laboratory in Delhi) for past many years across Delhi, Noida, Lucknow, Chandigarh, Dehradun, Baddi, Sonipat, Jammu, Haryana, Gurgaon.

Temperature Mapping study is a process to study and analyze the temperature distribution inside a room. This is mainly applicable for pharma industry for storage of medicines. We at Vega Calibrations LLP. carry out temperature mapping study for cold storage areas and reefer vehicles used for storage and transportation of temperature sensitive goods.

Typically such items are medicines, vaccines, pharmaceutical products, food items, etc. Other terminologies used are Thermal mapping study, temperature distribution study, temperature mapping protocol services, temperature mapping companies, etc. If you need to study humidity levels, then we carry out a temperature & humidity mapping study.

Basically, the temperature mapping protocol report study contains the following major portions:
The temperature and humidity distribution analysis charts for each test.
Individual readings of all data loggers at the desired or set interval duration.

The layout drawing of the area including the positioning of racks. The client should not change the shelves layout after conducting the temperature mapping study. If you have to change the racks, you have to carry out a fresh mapping study after changing the racks.

Identification of Mean Kinetic Temperature for the Cold Storage Area.
Identification of Hot Spot And Cold Spot for the Cold Storage Area.

Door Open Test Cycle, Power Failure Test Cycle, Startup Study for Cold Storages such as Cold Rooms, ViSi Coolers, Deep Freezers, Reefer Vehicles, etc.

The report will contain recommendations for including in the SOP for regular operations.

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